PokerStars is killing online poker!






Under the veil of changes to the VIP-program, PokerStars starting from January 1, 2016 implicitly raises the rake for all kinds and formats of poker. Hiding behind the concerns about the future of this game, the PokerStars owners want to cash in on players and increase their multimillion profit even more. 

Increasing already huge rake will turn poker, an intellectual game which you can beat only with your brain and skill, into a gambling game, a roulette which provides benefit only to the casino. Some will lose their income, some will lose their hobby, and some will lose their dream of becoming a real poker star...

We call on everyone who loves and values poker, to stop playing at this site starting from January 1, 2016 and till full cancellation of the forthcoming changes, as a mark of protest against PokerStars policy that ignores players' interests. покер стратегия

Join our strike on the 1st of January:  

1. Starting from January 1, withdraw your funds and stop playing at PokerStars and FTP. Go on protesting until the company revises its policy relating to the VIP-program. 

2. Send a letter to support@pokerstars.com saying that you will no longer play at PokerStars. Point out the reasons for your leave and your attitude towards the changes in the VIP-program. It is not recommended to send carbon copy letters. 

3. Use our avatars in all of your accounts and this avatar on PokerStars    and share this link with all of your friends and acquaintances who play poker.
In social networks post avatars and this text:
They Kill Poker #TKP We are against changing of @pokerstars VIP-program theykillpoker.com

4. Watch for the updates here and on poker forums:

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